Friday Night Coffee or Who is Producing Loudspeakers in Croatia?

Yesterday evening I had a night off. Since my toddler moved in I cut the number of evenings out of house (we are trying to organize to meetings in leaving room; there are no drawbacks; no one is missing cigarette smoke, too loud music and too much crowd).However, I went out te have a coffee with two friends of mine; Dean Leđenac from Audio Epilog, loudspeaker maker, ( and Goran Bakić from Croatian Radio Televison, editor Read more…


Behind every good project there are lot of different phases even before project starts. For example, simple thing called Sales process is there and lasts. Sometimes sales process seems like lasting forever and sales people often remind themselves on “Neverending Story” and Bastian Baltasar Buchs. Sales process is, when analyzed properly, very simple. You have only small number of variables which have to be known for sales process. Lot of these variables are boolean; for Read more…

Good Reading

Yesterday I saw nice article on my friends blog about music albums that influenced on him the most as he is very into hi fi and music. I hardly can say that any music left such impression on me in professional part of my life but there are books I found to be either helpful or good from theoretical point of view but not consider strictly my work. Good to Great – Link Oldie but Read more…

Saturday Morning – Something Little for a Read

Saturday morning a little different than usual. As Wife and Toddler are on their vacation in Dubrovnik I have a chance to write little something looking through windows during the breakfast. I will clean everything after… I promise. It will be done. 😉 As I am doing some personal research about printing somehow these two articles showed up. It is very easy reading, recommended for everyone. History of Printing Pioneering Printing

Recipe for a Good Cake

I went to my parents last weekend. As I am almost forty-one of course that my mother put some cake in my bag. Very good cake. She made it. It is called bishop’s cake.
Cake is not only thing that is good. I also got good friends. One of them is Dragica, we call it aunt Dragica :).
Another good thing is sharing. It is good for both sides, one who is receiving and the other, who is sharing. So I shared my cake (as my mother packed it a lot) with aunt Dragica this morning.
I visited aunt Dragica after I came back from my office. She asked for a recipe for a aforementioned cake. I will ask mother for that. (more…)

Information Sharing

Working with information is always about sharing. If I remember correct my first article was published somewhere in year 1987. Somewhere in July will be exactly 30 years. This was time before Internet, high speed communication, we were using land lines for calling each other and everything has to be shared “manually” in terms of communication infrastructure we got today. (more…)

How to start bad project (or ruin it from beginning)

Had a coffee with a friend od mine today. She is working in public company as content manager for digital publications. So, she told me a little story what is going on there. As for last year and a half (or so) we got no regular situation with our Government therefore public sector is in mess. Which is good, btw, as real sector finally can work. Therefore they got no director for some time now. Read more…

Bad project planning (or how to burn other people’s money)

Yesterday I had a chance to listen to very interesting conversation during one workshop. Let me describe what was going on. In little conference room there were like 15 people from 10 different companies. What put all together is tool(s) they are using for their projects (in a meaning of doing something, not managing project, to be more precise, it is tool for big data conversion). Now two of them started to argue. Source was statement of one of them that they manage to finish project withing weeks and the other was claiming that very similar if not same project took them almost a year. (more…)

Please wait, I got something urgent to take care about…

I work in IT for last 20 years or so. I remember, DOS 3.1, GEM, Novell 3.x networks and BNC connectors. Of 20 years only 1 (one) year I was customer. All other time I was on vendor’s side.

Large portion of that 20 years I worked for three companies. In each and every of them I have to take care of customers. As most of service providers know, it is quite important that customer is happy. 😉

That’s what I do. Keep customers happy in every possible way. As a vendor it is not simple task. There is almost always discrepancy (more…)