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Today I was reading something on internet (Mikser House, to be more precise) and found this. I remember similar company in Croatia tried something similar but albeit very nice products they failed due to unrealistically Read more…


Sixteen Years

I was 25 then. Sitting comfortably in tram minding my own business. Still young I used to wear cargo pants with large pockets on side. Usually filled with all kind of something. Have in mind that it was before gadget time. No iPods, no smartphones... We used to carry books in backpacks if we had to quality spend free time sometimes. (more…)


Multiple Computers

I am always using multiple computers, even on daily work operations
Quite often I am getting about my somewhat strange habit using two computer at the same time. It is nothing really special about it, to be hones, it is not show off, it is just matter of habit. Let me put it like this. When I am doing something productive only few things are on my desk:
  • pen (fountain pen in 99% of time)
  • notebook (paper one, usually Moleskine or Rhodia)
  • coffee
  • two computers

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Different Flavours

Tomorrow I am starting my fourth week as a freelancer. It is not easy. New technologies, new people, new approach. Completely new ecosystem than I used to have on my previous engagement. As my previous company was large corporation it was absolutely necessary to follow corporation rules and processes as there is no way such system could even exist. It really has to be considered as absolute must. Oh yes, there is standards for absolutely everything, including computing environment. (more…)

By Danijel Crncec, ago
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Travelling (not so) Light

Quite often I have one day business trips. Sometimes that happens to be really stressful for, especially when travelling with lot of documentation and equipment. Partially as I sometimes uncertain if I get everything I supposed to have with me and sometimes I am just stressed because I know there will be troubles in case I have to figure out where I put what. You know, I usually get up to three different messenger bags. (more…)

By Danijel Crncec, ago

Different Perspective (The Tin Drum)

In 2003 I bought apartment I live in. It was nice, warm and cosy. I still live there (furthermore, I bought another just next to first one, 10 years after). It came with beautiful yellow closet which was unbelievably huge. Inside I found a book. The Tin Drum by Günter Grass. As I always have to read something I just spend some time reading it. What triggered me the most is the fact that this particular piece of art is considered as one of most valuable books ever written. (more…)

By Danijel Crncec, ago